What To Do After You’ve Had Unprotected Sex

By Kathy Wentz, R.N, Nurse Manager If you’ve had unprotected sex recently, you might be worried about what to do next.  We can help!  Read below for a timeline of the steps you can take when things didn’t go the...Continued

Here’s How Abortions are Performed

Facing unexpected pregnancy can cause many different emotions and feelings. An important step in making your decision is to be fully informed about each option: parenting, adoption or abortion. Abortion is a medical procedure, so it is vital to understand...Continued

What You Haven’t Been Told About Hookups & Casual Sex

If all you ever did was consume American media, you would be easily convinced that we live in an over-sexualized hookup culture. Movies, television shows, even your own friend’s experiences with sex have likely made you wonder what the big...Continued

6 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

              “When you know, you just know.” How many times have you heard that before, and thought it unhelpful? When you’re in a relationship, sometimes you just want a few tangible ways to tell...Continued

Reasons You Might Miss a Period

While pregnancy could be the first conclusion you jump to when you’ve missed a period, there are quite a few factors that could cause you to skip a month or be late. The average period for a woman occurs every...Continued

What an Abortion Can Cost

If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, you are likely wondering how much an abortion can cost. We know that this can be a frightening circumstance for you, and it is important that you understand the facts of each option that...Continued

What are the Common Symptoms of STDs?

Many people that have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) are unaware of the symptoms and severity of STDs. If you are sexually active, it’s your responsibility to get tested so you know whether you are infected and need to seek...Continued

I Think I’m Pregnant! Now What?

At Her Health Women’s Center, we are committed to giving you the answers you need. Only you can make the final decision concerning the outcome of your pregnancy. The first step is to discover if you are really pregnant. Her...Continued

The Risks of At-Home Abortions

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are searching for options, you might have stumbled upon information on at-home abortions. Even if you are considering terminating your pregnancy, at-home abortions are dangerous and may be ineffective.   Some women...Continued

Plan B vs. the Abortion Pill: What’s the Difference?

Emergency contraceptives, also known as Plan B, are often confused with RU-486, otherwise known as the “abortion pill.” While they’re both actually pills and are taken as either a preventive or result of unplanned pregnancy, the two are very different....Continued